Business achievement

The first one invented dry cabinet which with

monitor systemof humidity and temperature in the



The first one invented below 1%RH dry cabinet.


The first one published 40°C ultra- low humidity

electronic dry cabinet E40 series all over the world.


We are the first one invented ≤5%RH desiccant dry

cabinet and 40℃/ 60℃ industrial baking dry cabinet

all over the world,the adapted monitor software

can show any small fluctuation of temperature and

humidity, bring convenient to electronic industry

management. This new technology acquired J-STD-

033A committee’s high praise.


We have 32 global patents from China, USA, Japan

and Europe. These Patents are motivity of our

growth within 20 years. That is also the reason our

products have the best quality in the market.


We surveyed and find out that 90% of public listed

company in China who buy ultra low humidity dry

cabinet are from Our company. Many companies

who bought other company’s products all come to

us because of our good quality.


Our customers

ACER, Advanced Semiconductor, AIDC, Alcatel, American Power Conversion (APC), ASE Global, ASUS, AUO,

Benchmark, BenQ, BOSCH, Bose, CAMPAL, Celestica, CHIMEI, Continental, Coretronic, CSIST, D-Link, EI Microcircuits,

ERICSSON, Flextronics, FPC, FOXCONN, General Dynamics, GIGABYTE, Harris Corp., HJTC, IBM, INER, Intel, Johns

Hopkins University, Liteon, Media Tek, Micron, NASA, National Chip Implementation Center, National Research

Council of Canada, Omron, Optimax, Panasonic, Philips, QSMC, Qualcomm, Quanta Computer, Quanta Storage,

Samsung, Siemens, SMIC, SONY, SUNPLUS, TATA POWER, TPO, TSMC, Tyco, UMC, University of Texas, US Navy, UT

Starcom, VLSIP, Wellypower, Wistron, ...etc