1991, Ace Dragon Corp. was established in Taiwan, we obtained more than 30 patents all over the world; We

service many big electronic factories all around the world with our own brand Dr-storage.

1994, we started mass production of ultra-low humidity industrial dry cabinet.

2001, Ace Dragon Electronic ( Shanghai) Co.,Ltd was built in Shanghai, then we built many service points in

Kunshan, Dongguan, Beijing etc.

2002, J-STD-033A standard come out, Ace Dragon Corp. published the first dry cabinet that can record and monitor

temperature and humidity all over the world, many clients fell over each other in their eagerness to buy it.

2004, we published alarm hygrometer, it can be used to monitor environment temperature and humidity, such as

storage room of precious collections, production line of high tech electronic components, optical and medical

industries …etc. It was used by many high technology factories after it came out.

2006, to service customers well, a new big factory Kunshan Gaoqiang Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd was built, we

provided all around consultant service and system development of humidity control for clients.

2006, we set up some international service center in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, England, France,

Israel, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, USA …etc.

2007, we upgraded alarm hygrometers; published HT-5 and HT-1 alarm hygrometers.

2007, We published the first 40°C ultra- low humidity electronic dry cabinet T40 all over the world.

2010, released our new products, A20 series, 20-50% RH can be controlled with fixed set-point. A10 series,

8-50% RH can be controlled with fixed set-point. X2E series, which can be below 5%RH humidity automatically.

2012, published the new Dr-storage utility series, BE series,20-50% can be controlled with fixed set-point. BEA

series,1-20 %RH can be adjusted.